2023 Grayson’s Ladder Raffle Car – 1996 Harlequin 24v Swap

Here we go! A car that I think screams fun and is always a favorite at any event it attends.  That’s why I think it is a perfect car for Grayson’s Ladder.. Grayson is such a great kid, anytime you see him you will have smile on your face.

I built this car in 2016, and sold it to a lady in 2017, you can read about “part one” here – VRLAQUIN

Fast forward to 2022 and Katherine needs to sell Polly so she can move from AZ and start her dog rescue in GA, Polly had been in daily service for several years, and with Katherines new family the harlequin was not the most ideal ride for car seats, strollers, and all the accessories one needs with an infant.  I see her post a feeler and immediately sent her a message to secure the car.  She made a more than reasonable deal on the car, and I had it shipped from AZ.

First thing to do was to give it a once over and sort out its mechanical issues.  New AC, fixed some power steering issues, couple small electrical gremlins, and I was driving the car to lunch a couple days a week with AC and power steering.. very rare for me as my usual lunch vehicle has neither..

I made a new intake to get some cooler air into the motor, reworked the battery mount to suit the new intake,  and started a list of small parts that I needed to collect for trim out.  Frank (corrado alley) hooked me up with some trunk trim, wiring section, and a couple other misc items.  A couple guys off the mk3 boards got some speaker grills for me, Dave (TDCshop) had a rear parcel tray for me.  With these items the car was feeling a bit more ready for its raffle date.  I found a set of Ecode smoked lights, and a new lower valance for the eurobumper.



This is a great car for whatever you want to do with it.. it shows well, even though it is not built like a :show car: I love driving it, it has a few creature comforts so if you want to cruise it around town you can do so in any weather.

Most importantly is that it is being raffled to raise money to END Alexanders Disease.  Thanks for participating in this raffle. 2023 Grayson’s Ladder Raffle Page