S&P Radiator and Shroud Package

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Purchase the fan shroud and radiator that you want together and we will send it assembled and ready to install. By purchasing them together you will save over 10 percent on the package price. (further discount codes or coupons wont work with this bundle)

You can also add our “Fan Control System” option which will provide you with a fan control temperature switch, relay and wiring to make this a nearly complete plug and play system.

S&P Tucked Radiator LH – optional

I am tired of seeing Honda radiators in our VWs, I am tired of the carb guys overheating because they are running a radiator made for a lawn mower, and while our Swap Inspired Radiators clear a vr6 or 1.8t in your mk1 just fine, this will allow you even more room if you are feeling claustrophobic ....

Here is your solution, a 1.75" core, dual pass, 11.5" tall, 24" long radiator, it has mounting plates for you to bolt it down to the core support, upper threaded bosses and slot mounts for options as top mounts.  As with all of our radiators we offer, it uses the stock fan switch, standard hose inlet and outlet dimensions, and optional fan shroud assembly (pictured but not included).

Fan Control System – optional

This is a fan control system for any 2 wire thermo switch system (mostly used in mk1 and mk2 cars without AC)  includes 2 temperature options for fan control 70-77C or 77-82C. If you have a car thats prone to running hot even with a performance radiator, you will want the cooler switch, keep in mind that if you are using a Motronic or other closed loop fuel/spark control system you will want to make sure you can get your engine warm enough to make the closed loop system, otherwise you will be running around rich and fouling out plugs.


S&P Radiator Fan Shrouds

Custom built fan shroud for our radiators, Single or dual fans,  1650 CFM fan(s) included. If you are ordering it as a package with one of our radiators we will already have drilled and mounted the fan and shroud to the radiator to be shipped as a unit.

OEM mk1 Scirocco radiators are 3" shorter than the rabbit version, we have a shroud to match the oem sized radiator.   If you need one they are the same price, you just need to put a note when you checkout that you have a scirocco radiator and need the matching shroud. (YOU CANNOT get a dual shroud on a scirocco radiator,)

If the item is "out of stock" you can still order it, we will be making them per order until we get a grasp on the demand.  Please allow 7-10 days for building, shipping and  delivery should be 2-3 days.  Longer lead times if you are having or powder coated unit built.


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Fan Control System


70-77C, 77-82C

S&P Radiator Fan Shrouds

Fans in Shroud

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