Wiring Harness Services





For your convenience, we can offer you wiring services, whether you’re planning on a 1.8t swap into your MK1 Scirocco, or a 3.6 VR6 swap into your mk2/3. (or a mk3 into your mk1, or just adding an auxiliary fan system)  We are happy to help you get the fruity stripes out of your hair.

Does your harness look like this? Looks like a bunch of tangled snakes doesn’t it?!


Does it give you the heebee-jeebee’s thinking about it??!

Let us save you from the monsters under your hood!

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wiring1                         wiring4

Ready to send it in? Be sure to read THIS PAGE to ensure you have the necessary components.


Print out the page below for Wiring Harness or ECU Work Requests!!