Install Videos !!



We have needed to do this since the first day we said, “Why don’t we ship out parts for everyone to put a tdi into their mk1” …


Well almost 10 years later, and we have a good start on a video library for using and installing our parts..


4cly Motor/Trans Parts Overview :



Hydro Clutch Kit


Mk1 DBW Pedal Install


Mk1 02a/ 02j Linkage Install


Mk1 Vr6 Hardware Overview:


Mk1 VR6 Harware Install 1&2:



Wiring Harness Removal Videos –






Recaro Seat Frame Install


Installing one of our “Standalone” style harnesses into a mk1 (this is a 24v but all of the connections to the car will be the same as any of our swap harnesses)


A shorter more concise version is here


MK1 02j Shift Box Install