Mk1 “Motorsport” Bumpers

Well, after looking at the options on the market for aftermarket Mk1 style bumpers, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So I made what I needed. A lightweight bumper, all metal (aluminum) with welded end caps (nothing to break or fall off) with holes allowing air through the lower grills in the core support. Some of the smaller bumpers close this off with their fit to the body.

These bumpers are hand formed in house, from laser cut 10ga aluminum blanks, they are currently available for these MK1 models:  See them in the webstore

  • Rabbit – no turn signal cutouts
  • Cabby – no turn signal cutouts
  • Jetta – no turn signal cutouts


coming soon



* these bumpers have not been certified to pass any DOT, NHSA, and probably cause cancer in California, – seriously though, they are sturdier than the plastic eurobumpers, and waaaay lighter than the original bumpers.