1984 GTI – Grayson’s Ladder Charity Car

Let me start by saying if you haven’t been able to meet Grayson, please head over to https://graysonsladder.org/ and meet the man that spurred all of this. I met Grayson shortly after my wife began working with his mother Laura in a Chattanooga heart surgeons office.  What always amazes me is even after being around […]


S&P's take on a VR6 Harlequin. Almost everyone has seen one, whether or not they knew it was a purpose built car and not an accident, who knows... In 1996 Volkswagen built a small batch of cars for a promotional purpose. They were built on a 4 door Golf GL chassis, the only real interior [...]

The rebuild of a 96 harlequin

We will be documenting (as we can) the rebuilding process of a 96 VW Golf Harlequin edition.  Full respray, updated driveline and a refreshed interior..   All chassis parts will be refreshed with new parts. This is chassis number 101 of 264 produced in 96 only as a Volkswagen promotional vehicle.   Our friends at […]

Its Grumman time

Check out our build on our new shop truck! Its a Grumman Olsen Kubvan Click the pic or go to ORIGINALS>1983 GRUMMAN Kubvan on the Mobile Dyno at SOWO14    

24k – Sal’s Vr6 Swapped Mk2 Golf

Sal Robertson, co-owner of S&P Automotive, bought this car a little over a year ago. Having owned and built a lot of different VWs, he decided to let this one sit for a while whilst he decided ultimately what direction to go with the car. To kick things off, Sal shipped the car off to […]