Mk1 Billet Strut Caps



Priced per pair

VW A1 chassis, CNC fully polished billet aluminum strut caps.
Made out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the strut caps will give the nice finishing touch, in any Mk1 engine bay.

These strut caps hold with an interference fit on top of the strut nut; So be sure you have OEM size nuts on top of your struts, or they will not hold on / fit .

Interference fit on the strut nuts: peak to peak, the nuts measure 0.971″ approx; The ID is machined to 0.950″ this means, that the outermost part of the hex will make a groove in the ID by about 0.020″ total (0.010″ per side) The strut cap will be needed to be pushed in (with relative force), to groove the ID. To RE-install, rotate the strut cap from its original seating position, in order to expose new material, in order to retain grip.

I can make semi-custom ones, if you can accurately measure the diameter that will slip on top of you non-OEM nuts (ie: coil overs) Just be sure to contact me first for custom requirements. (custom cuts will result in a 20.00 surcharge for pattern changes)

Ships out in 10-15 days