MK1 Mk2 MK3 Wilwood Big Brake Rear Disc Kit


Ready to really put the brakes on your mk2/3?!

The forged billet bodied caliper delivers high-strength clamping force and positive stopping power. Four stainless steel pistons provide fully balanced pad loading, along with the corrosion resistance and thermal retardant qualities of the stainless alloy that will keep your calipers cooler and running trouble free. Calipers work perfectly with 22mm or  23.81mm OE master cylinders. (Audi Masters are a straight bolt on for a firm pedal feel for racing applications)

This kit fits A2-A3-Corrado G60 and Passat B3 spindle interface, and are a straight bolt on application, excluding VR6 spindles. (not intended for VR6 spindle applications)

Brake backing plate trimming might be required. The 280mm rotors will need 15″ diameter wheels, and might need spacers, depending on wheel type.

Clic HERE for wheel clearance template


Kit comes as a complete bolt on solution, but will only fit the 256mm brake spindles for Mk2’s : The 239mm rotor diameter spindles, have integrated caliper mounting points that are not compatible with this kit.

2X 4 piston calipers, with all the necessary fasteners, and Banjo bolts

2X Caliper adapters that will bolt on to the above mentionned spindles (please note they will NOT fit on Mk2 9.4″ disc spindles; you will need to upgrade / source the 10.1″ OEM disc size spindles). The kit is only available with the 280mm rotor configuration.

2X Fully custom stainless steel braided hose DOT approved, with proper length and fittings to fit the OE mounting points , and grommets, for a bolt on application Made in USA.


1X set of Hawk brake pads with either HPS, or DTC60 compound (please choose your option)

This kit comes complete, LESS rotors; You can source them locally; Use P/N 535 615 301 (To be used with 280mm / 11 ” Corrado G60 rotors)



This brake kit has been developed for the MK1-MK2-MK3 226mm rear disc set-up. can also be used to upgrade rear drums.

The kit was developed mostly for a very well balanced brake bias. With the weight transfer during braking on our cars, if the piston size is too big on the rear calipers, the rear will lock up before the front; Not something desirable. The piston size in this kit, is the same as the Scirocco 16V rear calipers, and smaller than the Mk4 alloy calipers, that have too much of a piston area / clamping force, to be properly balanced with our earlier W/C models.

Here is what you get with the kit:
2X Red or black powder coated (special / custom made) 2 piston calipers
2X Red or black Mechanical parking brake calipers, with laser cut pad spacers, for a perfect fit.
Pads for all 4 calipers
2X Stainless braided lines with 90 deg. JIC / proper fittings. These thread into the fitting UPSTREAM the axle beam, bypassing the hard line on the axle beam.
2X 6061-T6 aircraft grade powder coated mounting brackets.
All necessary hardware / shims / washers.
2X Cable sleeve for matching E brake cable fit in caliper stop
2X Especially developed barrel cable stop to retain OEM cables in place:
(Must be cut near the caliper, and new barrel to fit on OEM cable, to perfectly adjust length, and also fit the 5/16 barrel hole on E brake caliper.)

What you need to have prior, to install this kit:
Disc stub axles, Disc brake cables, OEM 226mm Discs (P/N 6N0 615 601)

We strongly suggest to use / change prop valves, to adjustable aftermarket ones, if upgrading from drums.

Instructions are on web based link in PDF format, with plenty of pictures.

These kits clear 13 inch wheels:
Rear splash guard needs to be omitted, as the bracket will take its place.

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