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Here it is: everything you need to install your new driveline into your mk1 sleigh, Just pick and choose what items you want to add.

Base price includes: (Additional items are extra)

  • Motor Mount Brackets – 6mm Laser Cut Steel, Powder Coated
  • Trans Mount Brackets – 6mm Laser Cut Steel, Powder Coated
  • Speedo Cable  – Custom Made to Keep Your Mk1 Cluster with 02A/02J Transmissions

(User to supply 100mm axles from a mk1 scirocco 16v or 88-93 cabriolet)


Additional Items For Your Swap

  • Stainless Shift Rod Kit- Allows you to keep your stock shifter, console, and floor pan with an 02a/j tranmission install
  • Billet MAF/MAP Ports – Integrate your MAF or MAP sensor into your air plumbing with these weld in ports.

Other Items to Consider for a Swap:

  • S&P Radiators – these are designed to use the mk3 vr6 or mk4 coolant hose locations to ease plumbing routing, and hose options
  • Downpipes – we offer 1.8t and TDI downpipes made to fit in your mk1 chassis
  • Wiring/Software – Send us your harness for modification, we will send it back ready to wrap, lay, and run your swap.  We also can take care of your ECU tuning needs.


All the items are available separately.

You will need to choose 02a or 02j based on the shift tower you plan to use in your transmission in the options.


We will ship worldwide, please email us for a shipping cost if you are not provided one at checkout!


 Finally. A factory cable with factory firewall grommets for your 02a/02j swapped mk1! Pick your fitment (Thread on cluster end for 75-84 Rabbits and Caddys, 75-81 Sciroccos, Clip on for Cabby, rabbit convert, jetta and S2 sciroccos)


Laser Cut and powder coated with an integrated cable boss for our 02a/j cable clutch conversion includes front and rear mount plates (uses stock style mk1 rubber mounts ; not included)

02j will REQUIRE the reverse switch to be removed if you are using the cable clutch conversion kit, a plug will be provided for you.  However if you are using the Hydro MK1 Kit  you can keep the reverse switch and a smooth mount bracket will be provided without the cable stop.

02a kits will come with a shim as the mounting face is smaller, please put a note in your order if you are using an 02a trans.


MK1 02A 02j SHIFT LINKAGE – optional

These give you a great alternative to trying to fit the cumbersome cable box into your mk1. No cutting or welding required, you keep the stock linkage in the tunnel. No console modification, no drilling holes in your firewall or dealing with pinched cables from the very sharp firewall bend on the mk1 cars. Shortens the throw over the cable setup.


Mk1 Hydraulic Clutch Kit – optional

Our kit comes with the backing plate, wilwood .70 master cylinder, and an OE 02A slave cylinder (will fit 02j transmissions as well, 02a uses a threaded fitting where as the 02j uses an oring fitting)    02m users will receive a threaded bleeder adapter which will allow you to use the OEM slave/release bearing.  (02m users please include a note on your order that this is for an 02m)


Quick overview of parts and install:


Mk1 Mk2 02A 02J CABLE CLUTCH CONVERSION Kit – optional

This kit uses an OEM Eurovan cable clutch actuator, the cable is an overbuilt racing cable, its longer length allows you to tuck the cable under the transmission and swing around the starter.

* You need to make sure your pedal cluster has been properly supported, this cable system is going to pull harder than your old 020 cable did.

In stock

Mk1 Core Support Brace AKA "Torque Tamer" – optional

This little bad boy will keep your engine where its supposed to be and your delicate core support from folding under the pressure of your new B.A. swap you just dumped in the bay.  .25" steel is laser cut, bent, and then welded to create this core support abuse prevention device.  We can powder coat them if you want, but otherwise they come RAW STEEL, so flash rust could be present, a simple scuff with some sandpaper will have them ready for you to prime and paint.

*Install note, if your horns are mounted to the core support, they and the bracket they attach to will need to be moved.

Out of stock

Vr6 SAI Delete Plugs – optional


MK3 to MK1 Motor Mount Bracket

Here is the bracket to mount your external waterpump block into your mk1, some of the 16v mounts are getting hard to find, this will fit:

  • ABA
  • AEB - 20V
  • ABF
  • 1Z/AHU
  • 9A/PL
  • PG -(G60)

2/1/17 - all mounts are now powdercoated black


In stock

Press bushings into brackets – optional

We will press your purchased mount bushings into your mount brackets for you if you need us to, this way they are ready to bolt right in!

Mk1 Shifter Bushing – optional

We are happy to be offering a new shift rod OE bushing in a cage as an add on option. This would give you all the shift bushings you would need when you install your new shift kit.

In stock

MK3 AC Power Steering Delete Kit – optional

Putting an ABA or 1Z/AHU in your mk1/mk2 ? Maybe you're just cleaning up your mk3 bay.  Here is the kit to delete the PS pump and drive the waterpump in the correct direction with the serpentine belt. No more vbelts!

This kit contains a new OEM 4cyl pulley and a ContiTech belt,  unlike the VR6 pulley this pulley works for the mk3 tdi waterpumps and allows you to keep your stock crank pulley vs swapping for an 06a or g60 crank pulley. The pulley also is the correct back spacing unlike the vr6 pulley, no spacer needed.  These are brand new, not junkyard parts


Additional information


Trans Mount Type

4cyl Mounts

Mk1 Hydraulic Clutch Kit


With Remote Reservoir, Attached Reservoir

Mk1 Core Support Brace AKA "Torque Tamer"


RAW, PowderCoated

Vr6 SAI Delete Plugs


SAI VR6 AAA Block Off, SAI VR6 AFP Block Off Plug, 24v VR6 Combi Blockoff

MK3 AC Power Steering Delete Kit