MK1-VNT TDI Stainless Downpipe


Ready to have that TDI turbo whistling in your mk1?  This will give you a great start to your exhaust system without having to fab up your own, or have an exhaust shop chop and weld on your chassis.  Our downpipes are made from 304 stainless so they will last longer than your affection for your new motor swap.  If you kept the 020 instead of swapping to the 02a/j trans you’ll need our short shift kit modified to fit the new downpipe.  You will select your downpipe based on which trans you have installed.  Downpipe flanged for VNT series turbos (15/17/22)



This downpipe will allow you to fit a TDI with a VNT turbo into your mk1. Fully tig welded, stainless steel 2.25″ downpipe.  This downpipe is for 1Z, AHU, ALH, BEW, BRM, ect, with a VNT style turbo.
If you want a downpipe for fitment with the original mk1 020 transmission, it will come with a custom shift lever to clear the downpipe. (its also 65.00 extra)

Additional information

Transmission Installed

020, 02a/02j